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Founded in 2011, Keys Asset Management specialises in providing alternative and innovative real estate investment funds for experienced professional investors. By leveraging our ability to monitor the market and anticipate new trends, we’ve created pioneering investment vehicles focused on investors’ interests.

Our passionate team of experts works across the property value chain, renovating and designing buildings from the ground up. Our solutions are designed to meet the future needs of occupants while achieving our investors’ objectives. At Keys REIM, we believe strongly that real estate should bring together finance, business, and the individual.


Working alongside Naxicap Partners, a subsidiary of Natixis (a BPCE group company), we have developed an original approach which combines individual expertise with the agility of a human-sized company, research, and in-depth market knowledge.

As one of the top private equity firms in France, Naxicap Partners – an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers* – has €3.1 billion in assets under management. As a committed, responsible investor, Naxicap Partners builds solid, constructive partnerships with entrepreneurs so that their projects can succeed. The firm has 39 investment professionals spread across five offices in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes and Frankfurt.

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  • BPCE Group
    52% of share capital

  • Group founders* and employees

    48% of share capital

100% of share capital

*indirect holding


Our Group now comprises an asset management company, Keys REIM, approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) on 04/04/2016, an integrated real estate services operator, Keys Properties, an integrated financial services operator (Keys Services) and a distribution company for financial products managed by Keys REIM in Switzerland (Keys Investment Partners).

Our professional investment funds are engineered through Keys REIM to diversify and increase the long-term value of your assets. At Keys REIM, we are driven by value creation. To this end through Keys REIM, we offer you responsive, agile and flexible investment. Most of our investments are currently focused in France, across its various regions. However, we also like to invest strategically abroad. Our unique real estate asset management know-how ensures full-scale coverage of a property’s lifecycle. With Keys REIM, our in-house expertise adopts a multi-pronged strategy centred around four core businesses: property management, property development, financing development operations, and private equity advisory.

The Group’s real estate teams: Keys REIM and Keys Properties

Our real estate teams, Keys REIM & Keys Properties, are fully integrated into the Keys Asset Management Group. It provides the backbone of our acquisition and asset management strategy. Our Properties team is made up of versatile specialists from a range of professional backgrounds. They pride themselves on high performance, which is fuelled by their complementary experience.

Acquisition Team (Keys REIM)



At Keys Asset Management, our job is to channel investor confidence into modern and bespoke value-accretive real estate assets.

Our Acquisition Team is tasked with successfully placing our investors’ inflows through our channel partners. Before anything else, the Team must manage investment sourcing to provide clients with a comprehensive market overview. True to our standard procedure, we are in direct contact with agents for tenders, promoters for development projects and all players in the real estate industry throughout the investment process. This is to make sure we stay as close as possible to market news. More importantly, we want to keep one step ahead of the game as we detect the best opportunities. The quality of our sourcing is in our close relationships with contacts.

Once we have identified opportunities, our real estate strategy is shaped to fit your investment product, fully leveraging all synergies and capabilities in returns and use. Our approach provides the perfect platform for us to make financial offers, which once accepted allow us to create the conditions for an exclusive relationship with sellers.

At this stage, our Acquisition Team, assisted by the legal, technical and management departments, audits your assets to ensure (i) strategy feasibility and (ii) compliance with our own standards as a committed asset management company working at the cutting edge of developments. We conduct our audits and due diligence with the utmost care to avoid any unforeseen events that would jeopardise our vision for your property.

Asset Development Team (Keys REIM)



At Keys Asset Management, one of our core priorities is creating value on existing or future real estate assets. Our Asset Development Team plays a manifold role in this.

The first is to shape resilient buildings that meet user demands and stand out from the competition. The key focus is on directly effecting the design of buildings. Our Asset Development Team needs to consider the following factors: space layout, common area and architectural quality, building sustainability and environmental footprint.

Our Team must also think about the potential to add value to this real estate portfolio through its redevelopment and/or repositioning on the market. When a tenant leaves or a building falls into a state of disrepair, an opportunity presents itself to rebuild, extend the existing building, or change its use. Our Asset Development Team’s craft may resemble the work of a real estate developer. In a nutshell, our Team analyses building potential, working hand-in-hand with elected officials, planners and architects to create a redevelopment project. This serves as a sturdy basis for value creation.

The last strategic pillar of value creation is constructed through programming. Developers frequently contact us, as well as local authorities that have an increasing influence in the market, with the aim of collaborating on planning sites in the making. Such recognition can be attributed to our market positioning, coupled with our innovative mindset and the wealth of our experience – notably through our work on the Lx Factory project in Lisbon. Aside from the intellectually stimulating aspects behind such initiatives, they provide an opportunity for us to handle site planning and position ourselves in a project’s preparation phase.

Asset Management team (Keys REIM)




At Keys Asset Management Group, our asset management team strives to achieve and preserve optimum value for the buildings we manage.

To this end, we leverage our seasoned expertise in the markets as well as our buildings and building occupants. We successfully apply information and play an active role on the ground. In doing so, we seek to identify new market opportunities and anticipate risks.

Our world is changing quickly, and it follows that the needs of our occupants and urban transformation are as well. On top of this, competition across financial markets is fierce. Against this backdrop, Keys REIM’s teams frequently assess strategy by preparing building-specific business plans.

As asset managers, we believe in taking initiative and executing real estate strategy. To this end, we work closely with legal, development and property management teams, spearheaded by fund managers.

Our asset managers are perpetually focused on long-term building leases, for the right use and the right value with a special focus on sustainability.

Property managers team (Keys Properties)




Our occupants benefit from the service of their trusted contacts – our property managers, who ensure lease performance and client satisfaction. They also manage building operations and day-to-day activities on behalf of lessors, making sure everything is in excellent condition for them.

Property managers work in-house at Keys Asset Management, thereby fostering closer occupant relations. In practice, this means better solutions for our occupants and a fuller understanding of their needs. It’s key to forging long-lasting relationships and creating value for investors. Property managers work hand-in-hand with asset managers, driven by a common goal to create value for buildings.

Our technical managers have real industry experience, and take care of all necessary technical and maintenance services: They refurbish the vacated premises, develop multi-year construction work plans and monitor the compliance of your technical facilities. Our technical team has developed a continuous improvement process to assess environmental impact.

Our accounting team creates client and vendor invoices in addition to preparing expense reports and monitoring lease and expense payments. Budgets are regularly audited for comparison. This guarantees the best possible management of fees and achieves the expected level of performance.
Lastly, our teams oversee lease disputes. These include: occupant arrivals and departures, claims and up-to-date lease schedules.

Our vision

The markets we once knew and understood are being swept aside by new phenomena that include: digitalisation, connected objects, collaborative consumption, new ways of working, and the energy revolution. These changes are shaping the future of the real estate sector. At Keys Asset Management, digital transformation is the cornerstone of our model and the basis of all our strategic decisions.

Whether it’s the structuring of funds or real estate investment and management, innovation is what constantly drives us forward.

Whether it’s the structuring of funds, or real estate investment and management, innovation is what constantly drives us forward.

Today’s real estate market is undergoing profound change. At Keys REIM, we aren’t just dreaming about the city of the future: we’re financing and actively helping to build that city by focusing on our four core businesses :

Reinventing real estate, day in and day out

A new real estate paradigm has arrived, reshaping the very fabric of our regions and cities. With it comes a founding motto and a triple focus: developing real estate that is sustainable, connected and human.

New real estate trends

Energy transition
Collaborative working methods and well-being in the workplace
New Urbanism
Hotels and lifestyle

Since day one of operations in 2011, our Group has advocated for a long-term vision that factors in new real estate trends and uses by capitalising on its expertise, risk planning capabilities and agility.

Whether it’s next-generation assets, renovation projects to address obsolescence or the adoption of a user-centric approach, we grasp every opportunity that comes our way to create value.

Let’s build tomorrow’s cities

Today’s cities


Tomorrow’s cities


Our ESG POLICY : a frame of reference for all our activities

Keys Asset Management Group is a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which promote the inclusion of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in investment decisions.

For instance, we prioritise the acquisition of eco-friendly buildings. Failing that, our dynamic ‘best effort’ approach ensures any necessary improvements are made.

This means that during any acquisition or asset management process, we evaluate and address any related ESG challenges. For instance, we prioritise the acquisition of environmentally friendly buildings. Failing that, our dynamic ‘best effort’ approach ensures any necessary improvements are made.

Our ESG policy also deals with social and governance issues, such as the health and well-being of building occupants, mobility concerns, raising awareness amongst residents, and effective supply chain management.

Our ESG policy doesn’t just benefit us, it also benefits our investors. Our sustainable value creation strategy not only improves our business environment, but also increases the value of our real estate assets while reducing regulatory and reputational risks.




Working alongside Naxicap Partners, a subsidiary of Natixis (a BPCE group company), we’ve developed an original approach which combines our teams’ expertise with the agility of a human-sized company, research, and in-depth market knowledge.

Pierre Mattei
Co-founder of Keys Asset Management Group


From the outset, we have placed our talent – the women and men who work at Keys Asset Management Group – at
the heart of our operations. We seamlessly execute our growth strategy thanks to
their experience and daily involvement with our partners.

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