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The men and women of the Keys Asset Management Group have always been at the heart of our strategy. Their talent, experience and continuing dedication to our partners ensure that we can seamlessly manage our growth.

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Cyril Garreau
CEO - Co-Founder

Pierre Mattei
CEO - Co-Founder

Johan Bencivenga

Yann Duchesne

Jean-Louis Mattei

Jean-Pierre Agarra

Benjamin Lebreton

Fabienne Carrasco
Chief Financial Officer

Antonin Baigts
Head of Asset Development

Hugo Forneris
Secretary General

Pierre Gil
Head of Business Development

Philippe Goldberger
Head of Asset Management

Sebastien Janin
Chief Sales Officer

s.janin@keys-am.com +33 6 77 57 13 89

Ksénia Kolpakova
Head of Compliance and Internal Control

Nathalie Roux
Chief Financial Officer

Cécile Terrier
Institutional Sales France

c.terrier@keys-reim.com 07 86 40 70 80

Ludovic Bonnamour
TCA = Marketing in Switzerland

Bonnamour@tca-am.com +41 22 566 52 51

Olivier Danhiez
Okoumé = Marketing in Luxembourg & Belgium

od@okoumegroup.com +352 691 115 331
Julie Chamourat
Chief Happiness

At Keys Asset Management,
we are always looking for new talents!

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